Steam games with only 1 save slot

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If you want another character / save slot in Metal Gear Survive, you have to pay ten dollars for each to purchase 1000 SV Coins.

its a glitch, that seems to be related to the begining of the game. the solution, make multiple hard saves and check your load saves screen after every auto save unti you get to riverwood. if one of your hard saves is overwritten, load the other, and make freah hard saves for that one, then go back to the other character and do the same. steam windows - Where are the save files stored? - Arqade Well, pretty much everything is in the title. Since the game doesn't use Steam Cloud, where can I find back the save files (containing my character's level, etc) ? Far Cry 5 doesn't have multiple save slots? - PC Message ... Save slots are basically entire copies of games if you think about it. Having 2 save slots of FC5 is basically owing two copies of it. So in that case, a save slot should cost the same as a brand new purchase. $60 please. grand theft auto 5 - Multiple profiles for GTA V in PC - Arqade

Each subsequent autosave overwrites the previous save; however, since the build 1.0.730.0 patch, TOMB RAIDER offers 99 possible save slots. I highly recommend changing save slots periodically—at least once each level or so. To do this, pause the game by pressing Esc on the keyboard, Select or Start on a controller, and choosing the "Change ...

Mar 24, 2018 ... There is only one save on consoles for sure. ... tutorial for PC players of Far Cry 5 on how to create and use multiple "save slots" for the game. Where are my game saves located? - Arc Games Support

Steam Tower. The wombat says: Well well well, look at the Steam Tower slot! It’s a steam-punk inspired game complete with a one-armed hero, a fiery dragon and a helpless damsel. It’s also a multi-level game with a tiered playing structure which means the further up the tower you go, the more bonuses, multipliers and cash you’ll win.

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After playing the game on steam…i cant use my save slot season1,2 and 3 for no reason…is there anyway to let me use those slot?Hi, could you zip up the entire ‘saved’ folder and mail it to me at: please add the forum post as the title so I can track this.

I cannot believe that a PC game only has one save game slot! Have I just paid for alpha code or is it down to the game being coded by a bunch of amateurs? Needs to be fixed asap. Only 1 save Slot?! :: Far Cry 4 General Discussions - Steam Far cry 3 had 3 save slots. It makes no sense to only have 1 save slot. Sometiems my brothers or friends come over and just want to mess around with all the weapons and guns I have unlocked in my other game and mess up my karma. I would like to have another save slot and even another one for like a hard mode or if my fiance wnts to play. Why have only one save slot ? :: Dragon's Dogma ... - Steam I see, Spock. But the game have an option to be played offline, doesn't it ? So how can that make sense ? If we play offline, why not have as many saves/characters as we want ? Q) Does the game support more than one save slot? A) No. The pawn trading system and interaction with the Rift server was designed around a single save and player profile. Steam games, multiple saves? | Valve Corporation ... Is there any way I can have more than one campaign on a Steam game? It would be nice on some games to have a save for me, and one for the wife. Register. Board Games ... I've done this with both Terraria and X3 (each of which have limited save slots) without any problems. The only issue you may have is for competitive games... I know some games ...